Sunday, July 6, 2014

It Sucks to Be Human

Well. I am about 1600 off of my goal of 70,000 words for my book. I am closing in. I have been pushing myself very hard these last few days because I am up against the clock. I will be meeting with surgeons to see if I am eligible for surgery, or if I need to go through more chemo.

If surgery is soon, it will likely be in the next couple of weeks. If not, I will not be all that great for the next couple of weeks, as I get chemo. I am not sure how long after I would get surgery, but I am hoping 4-6 weeks, and only 2 more treatments will get me there.

There is a lot to do before then. I did not get nearly enough done now. It really sucks. But at least the book is near an interim Finish Line. I say it like that because it won't be the final, looks purdy draft when I release it. I don't have that luxury. In time, hopefully. But I can't go through everything I need to get there as soon as I need to. It's a whole lotta work!

So my plan is to release it as is, and sell it for just a small amount of money. I may try to incorporate other options like my recipe booklet or some Cedonaah prints, or something to try to make the pot a bit sweeter. (If you read this, and might want to contribute something for that purpose, please let me know.)

It may not be the most perfect book, but at least the content will be there, and hopefully that - and helping a person in need - will be what counts. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed any way.

The book is called Sometimes...It Sucks to Be Human.

I haven't figured out how to encapsulate it in just a sentence or two yet. I need a different brain, and energy to do that. Maybe someone will help me with it at some point. However, if you want to know what it is about, perhaps this will help:

Thank you for jumping into the middle of my story. Someone once told me that I could not write “my story” in dealing with cancer…apparently there are already too many of those.

The fact is that my story with cancer is really My Story – with cancer. There is a big difference. My story is really about LIFE and LIVING, about the things that have happened in my life that countless people have found fascinating enough to ask me when I was going to write a book.

Well. For better or worse, here is “a” book. It was written during a relatively short time in my life, but talks about many different parts and aspects of my life. It is about so much more than the “c” word.

My story is a human story. It is about pain, fear and love. It is about relationships. It is about aspects of life that make life worth living, and it is about aspects that are times when it sucks to be human.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am hoping to release it within the next couple of weeks. Not sure yet how I will end it, or when I will reach that 70K mark. If chemo starts again any time soon, it might be longer than I like. The other option will be to stop just shy of the goal, too, if I start to run out of time.

I feel like I am running a race. Problem is I do not know exactly where the Finish Line is.

When it is released, I would appreciate any assistance in getting the word out, and sparking interest. Obviously if you read it and hate it, I won't expect you to say wonderful things about it. If, though, you enjoy my writing, and my past blog posts, and are human, my hunch is the book will be of interest.

Thank you for anything you can and are willing to do. I am really concerned about what happens next. Financially I am managing to bob just over the waterline, but it comes from staying verbal about my situation. There is a good chance I won't be able to say or do much when surgery rolls around...maybe even out of commission for a month, or more.

I am nervous about the surgery, as it is a long surgery, a serious surgery, and also a risky surgery. Some people never make it out of surgery or the hospital. I feel like it will be OK, but it still rattles my nerves, on top of everything else I am dealing with.

If you can help, please, please do. If you're not sure how, but want to, please contact me ASAP, and we will see if we can work anything out together.

Thank you.

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