Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Bloggers?

Would you like to be a guest blogger here?

I would love to include things that have some
perspective that would potentially empower
someone who has dealt with cancer, or some
sort other sort of significant challenge. (If you
have other ideas/approaches, I am willing to
listen...please share).

There are any number of ways to that I could
see that being approached. If you are interested,
but are uncertain as to whether or not it would
"fit," let's talk about it.

A part of me would like to charge something
for it, as I am in a dire situation given what
has happened in the last year, and that fact
that I really need to have some money starting
to flow.  (If you have read my blog, you know
that I haven't been able yet to get back on my
feet financially since being diagnosed and
treated last year, and am financially struggling
as we speak - and running out of money).

Another part of me just likes to be helpful.

So...I will offer it to you without any charge,
however if you would be able/willing to help
me financially in some way via a donation of
any amount in exchange for what you will
have posted here (suggested amount $25),
it would be greatly appreciated.

I will be sharing your post on Facebook and
on Twitter and in other ways over time.  So
you will get more than just some internet
real estate with your name on it.

Every day I have more and more visitors
coming here.  And I really hope to create
something of real benefit for those who
find themselves dealing with cancer.  I
would love to have contributions to the
that creation.

I am going to see how this goes.  One step at
a time.  As long as this blog isn't removed or
edited, I am still open to having guest bloggers.
I may also alter how I do things.

Who the heck knows?

I certainly don't. :P

I am making this up as I go along.

Thanks for your interest.

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