Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who do You Know in Media? (I Have a Story to Tell)

I was feeling really depressed last night, and not much better this morning.

But something occurred to me as I woke up.

I often think about how there are news stories about people in "human
interest" situations.  I have thought on occasion wouldn't it be great if
someone would do a story on me/my situation?

But no one has.

And, as far as I know, no one has contacted the media on my behalf -
including me.  I have a bit of a difficulty when it comes to things that might
seem self-serving.  Unfortunately it seems that we have a culture that pays
more attention when someone else does the asking or the talking.

I almost don't want to say "unfortunately" because maybe it is in some way
a good thing I have yet to identify.  Maybe it is fortunate because it will
get me to do things I would never otherwise do, who knows?


Here's the thing.  Since no one is doing it.  I am going to.  I figure I may start
investigating news stations and start to reach out and see if anyone is
interested.  Why should those who scam be newsworthy, but not someone
who has a valid need?

This is a specific way you can help...I want to be in contact with people
in the media (of ANY kind).  If you know of anyone in particular for me
to contact, please let me know.  Please ask those you know if they have 
any "ins"/leads for me.

I think my situation is could be newsworthy for several reasons:

1.  Education on ovarian cancer (one of the most lethal cancers because it
often is misdiagnosed/undiagnosed until it is "too late.")
2.  Someone who dealt with cancer is now wanting to help others deal
with their cancer situations (Relatingtocancer.com)
3.  Information about the "cancer experience."  How people are affected
physically as well as emotionally, spiritually, mentally.
4.  How financial burdens are just one part of the story, and how they
often do not lessen after treatment.
5.  How things do not go "back to normal" after treatment.
6.  Sharing of info that might be able to help people be a bit less cancer-phobic.

I am sure there are more things...but this is where I am starting.

So PLEASE help me tell my story.  I think it will be a great way to help
others while hopefully getting some much needed help myself.

If anyone writes press releases, I would welcome your assistance in the
creation of one.  There is a local paper here that it could be published in. In
addition, once I have it, perhaps I can find other avenues to share it as well.

If there is anything you can personally do on my behalf, it would also be
appreciated, as I am already finding myself overwhelmed without the
possibility of adding more for me "to do."  Having said that, I still welcome
any and all info/leads.

Thank you.

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