Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Story of My Relationship with Cancer (I have been Storified)

Today I created a Storified page about myself and my
journey with cancer.

I wrote it about myself, instead of writing it first person.


I wrote it as a way to talk about myself and some of my
experiences leading up to the time I was diagnosed.
Once I get to that point, I highlight several blog posts
of what my experience has been.

I thought it would be a way for someone to get to know
me and perhaps get a sense of me, too.  After all, at the
time of this writing, there are over 300 blog posts. I
seriously doubt there will be many (if any) that will
want to go through it all.

There is a way to comment on the page and share on
Twitter and Facebook if you are so inclined. If not,
that's fine, too. At least it will give you a sense of the
person you have found.

As always, I welcome your contact. Please see my
contact page for info on how to do that.

Thanks for your time.
with JoLoPe,

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