Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Neoplasm cannot be excluded"

So today I was reading the report of my scan.

They love to use their medical terms.  I don't
quite understand them all.  There was a term
"neoplasm" that kept saying it could not be
excluded as a possibility - in all 3 areas that
the scan picked up.

I looked up the term.

Neoplasm = Tumor

It is interesting to me that the doctor didn't
say it that way.  She just said there were areas
to "watch."  Maybe it would have been better
for me not to know this.  Maybe it is even
better that I DO know.

LOL.  I really don't know.

The one thing that I do know is the fact that
there is anything at all tells me that I must
continue to work on myself in mind, body
and soul.  I must continue to do things to take
care of myself.  I want this promising news
to continue with an upward trend.  I want the
chemo I have now to be the last chemo I ever
have the "pleasure" of working with.

The doctor seemed to think I will be done with
chemo in November.  I have to hope and believe
that there is some reason that she is leaning that
way.  I have to believe that this adventure has
been a wake up call, and one that I can now
move forward from.

I am making plans for the end of November,
and the next scan will likely be the beginning
of December.   Would be really great for there
to be an improvement over what was just
reported.  Continued good thoughts, prayers,
Reiki are all appreciated.

Would love to report Good News in December,

Have a great weekend.

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