Monday, May 26, 2014

Nausea Remedies? 5/24

Who has some natural remedies for nausea? I had it handled last time with chemo with the use of a Sea Band. It was amazing. My first chemo had me in bed and sleeping for 2 days, as the nausea was horrible. I ate nothing, so there was nothing to throw up. A week later I had received a Sea Band, and had a totally different experience. I asked the docs if they did anything differently, and they said no. To me that meant it was thanks to the Sea Band, and we never parted company again whole I was being treated.

This time I am concerned how things are going. I do not remember Day 1 feeling like this. I can't help but wonder about the adamant reaction of those who "know" that this chemo will cause nausea could be affecting me. I am working on trying to separate myself from their beliefs and expectations while trying to find something that will help me in case of need.

I got two medicines today that would help with the feeling. The problem is that the side effects are atrocious. I can't help but wonder if they could make things worse.

I need natural remedies - like the Sea Band - that won't interfere with the chemo. If I am gonna do it, then I gotta do it.

Anyone have any affordable suggestions? I am already looking at hypnosis and visualizations. Drinking Ginger Ale, and eating pretzels. Those last two may not be the best options, but oh what a relief they seem to bring. I also have some ginger candy. I wish I could tolerate ginger more on its own, but my taste buds do not handle it very well.

Please let me know what'ja got. I have 5 more sessions to go before I am scanned again. That is about 9 weeks of interacting with this. It could be a very long couple of months. I have to be careful, too, as looking at surgery means I can't be weak.

I still can't believe chemo is advised before such a strenous surgery. 

I am nervous. And I am trying to not be. It is not the easiest thing to deal with. All of these paradoxes SUCK.

The overwhelming need to close my eyes and want to sleep in random moments is also back in full force. And now I am feeling rather awake. I will take a Melatonin (20 mg) shortly. Maybe it will help me get to sleep again.

Oh what fun.

Please share any suggestions/thoughts/aides - especially free or inexpensive ones.

Thank you.

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