Friday, May 16, 2014

Opportunity or Sign?

So much of life is imperfect. Really what it is is not what you want it to be.

I am thinking about this, as I just stepped into something that made me very uncomfortable. On some level I wondered if it was a sign. On another level I see it as a potential opportunity. On another level I am annoyed. 

It is a mish-mash of feelings that I am uncertain about what to do about. Life is about all kinds of opportunities for growth and understanding. It is about making choices with what is behind them what you deem is important.

Are the things really important? Are they the things that deserve to make or break someone or something?

These are the kinds of things on my mind as I try to figure some things out. How do you know when something is a sign vs an opportunity?

They could be two very different things, resulting in very different choices and outcomes.

When you love someone I think it makes a world of difference. It makes you want to see things as an opportunity more often than not. I think it makes it difficult to see signs.

What just happened has never happened to me before. I hope it never happens again. I dealt with it, though, and will likely interact with it more before it is done. I know I am not finished with it yet.

I am really sad right now for what brought things to the point that they became what is. I feel let down. The thing is, the let down only comes from the lack of fulfillment of my desires and expectations of another.  We all have them, spoken or unspoken, realistic or reasonable - or not.

I think most would think them reasonable, but that isn't the point. I was thinking earlier about how people talk about who "deserves" your love, who "deserves" to be loved. 

Who are we to make that kind of judgment? The answer is that everyone deserves love and to be loved. What they may not deserve is how one might express oneself. Actions and definitions are sometimes collapsed and confused. One does not necessarily equate to the other.

In the same way, who are we to demand that another be the way we think they aught to be? If we are disappointed, it is our own damn fault.

Opportunity or Sign?

That is the question.

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