Monday, February 23, 2015

Just One.

Yesterday I saw something that showed $17 PER DAY regarding food. Starbucks. Lunch. Snacks. I remember that daily "cost" as a 9-5 person - although it probably wasn't quite that much when I was doing my jobs.

However, it made me think about how I am asking just $1 PER MONTH from people - especially - who say they care about me. 


It seems crazy to me that I am unable to get that kind of support - especially since people say they care about me, and because there are all kinds of things I create that people say they like and appreciate. I have also said more than once that if someone wants something for their donation, let's figure out what it can be.

I need help. I need more help than I want to need. I need more help than silence allows me.

I just don't understand why some help as much as they have, and others have remained in a semi-permanent shrug when it comes to my situation. 

The other day I received 2 cards in the mail. They both had $2 in them. You should have seen my smile. I love - and appreciate - when people get how significant they can be in what might seem to be insignificant.

I also saw something a bit ago from someone who is Christian who said that he sometimes thinks people use the idea of prayer as an "excuse not to act." I will always take prayer and good thoughts, however, bills must be paid, and I have expenses that need money to be satisfied. You wouldn't be able to take care of yourself on the prayers of others alone, and neither can I.

Someone needs to act. 

I just ask that that someone be you. I wouldn't be asking if I didn't need you. But after dealing with cancer almost 3 years now, my need is the greatest it has ever been.

Just $1 per month, please? patreon.com/jolope

Thank you.

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