Friday, February 20, 2015

On Good News & Discussing Death

The last time I was at the doctor's, I spoke about the abyss. Doc was concerned: was I suicidal?

I made the comment that there was really   nothing to worry about. I wouldn't want to affect another by having them harm me. I also told her what I tell others - that I really wouldn't have to do anything; cancer would take care of "it" for me.

The doc laughed. She couldn't believe what I was saying. She knows I am different, and continues to find "support" for that in what I say, and how I say it. She also acknowledged that the laughter might be somewhat inappropriate, and voiced how often it is difficult discuss and be with "the elephant in the room:" death.

It is one thing to talk about death. It is another to talk about death in the context of cancer. According to her, the latter is much more taboo, and difficult.

I am not sure, but she didn't seem to be in the best mood when she came in the room to talk to me. I think, though, by the time we were done, I think her mood had shifted.

The good news from the visit? The chemo seems to be working. I had hopes it had done more, but I will definitely take an approximate 50% decrease in my tumor marker.

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  1. Glad to that the chemo seems to be working. I hope that marker keeps dropping!