Friday, November 2, 2012


I needed to get something off my chest.

So I am here.

As I begin to write, I think about my previous entry
about how things are relative, and really can't be
compared.  I think about it because I am frustrated
by something that, if compared to those who have
been greatly affected by the hurricane, is nothing.

At the same time, it is everything to me at the moment.
Well, maybe not "everything," but a something that
certainly rubs me the wrong way, and has my attention
in the way nothing else does at the moment.

Every freakin' single time I have lab work done there
is one company that my insurance company works with
in a way that is called "capitation" (not sure of the
spelling).  What that means is that the company that
does the lab work gets one lump sum payment every
month from my insurance company for anyone who
has had lab work through them for the month.

For some reason that I have yet to be able to determine
every single time a bill is submitted to them (and my
doctor's office even went to great pains to submit it
there on my behalf last time since they don't usually
use them) I wind up with a bill from the lab.

In turn I have to call the insurance company and have
them make things right.  Every time I have to get
involved.  If I was to ignore it, the lab would send
the bill to collections.  I would be the one hurt by
someone/s not doing their freakin' job right.

I hate this in general, but I hate it even more given
that I have so little patience and ability to deal with
this stuff at the moment.  I was even on the phone
with someone from my insurance company at one
point in tears because I was so frustrated by how
they operate.  I needed information and all I was
given was an answer that put everything back on me.


I still don't know if that is enough r's.

And now they are again threatening collections.  I
waited a few days to call them, as my insurance
company is based in NY, and I thought that
undoubtedly they are having issues due to the
hurricane, and I was right.

So I just wasted my time calling my insurance
company as they could tell me that things weren't
working, but not why, and that they couldn't do
anything to send it somewhere else to get fixed.

I then called the lab, and they pushed back things
another 30 days.

And now I have to deal with this again at some
point next week, hoping that by then things will
be rectified.  I am not upset with the company
because of the issues from the storm, but I am
upset with them for putting me through this

Of course no one knows what to tell me to stop
this from happening.  I find it insane that there
is a dynamic set up of these companies vs
health insurance companies that puts someone
like me in the middle, and when things can't be
rectified because these parties can't/won't talk
to each other, it is the individual who has to deal
with the repercussions.  In this case, ME.

Ok.  I am done.  For now.

*Deep Breath*

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