Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chugging Along.

I have been really enjoying being an "artist." Who would have thunk I would be painting day after day? 

Certainly not me.

But I have been. 34 days now. At least I think that is how many it has been. 

Those closest to me get to see the work I create on canvas, and each day it is something quite different. I am loving how amazingly creative I have been.

It hasn't always been clear sailing, though. I did wonder at some point if I wasn't going to be able to go on - only to make one of my favorite works so far - if not The Favorite. 

The jewelry has also been a nice surprise, although it would be much nicer if people would buy it. I could have quite a collection of personal jewelry right now, but I would much rather the things I make with love find their way to a new home and owner.

I am really hoping that when people see the things I make in person it will make the difference showing them on Facebook hasn't had. I know that I could put them on a site like Etsy, but it is more work and energy than I have at the moment, so I am doing what I can.

If I knew with certainty that putting them on sites like that would generate sales, I would do it. The thing is I have spent so much time getting other things online - and without much tangible result.

Sometimes I think people offer "solutions" that they see me not take. As a result, I think there are times people think I am just not helping myself. It is so frustrating.

Sometimes "solutions" are not what they seem to be. Sometimes solutions can cost me more than what people perceive I will gain.

In the meantime, I am chugging away. I am going to be taking a bit of a jewelry break shortly. I feel I really need one. I have been pushing so dang hard.

The daily painting, however, will continue, at least for the next 10 days, or so. After that, I need to start seeing what I can do to create a book around the images.

It is really hard to continue to be creative and administrate my creations at the same time. There have been other times in my life that I created a bunch of images, but then had to stop to be able to do other things.

And, now more than ever, it is even harder to manage. But I keep thinking I need a supply of things I can sell. When something is in front of someone, it is a lot different than when it is not.

Interestingly, I think the same may apply when it comes to me. At a distance I am not the same as when I am right in front of someone. 

I wish I could say the effect of being in person was always a good one, but I think there are times it isn't always a good thing - especially if I am not how I am supposed to appear to be. 

I think my appearance and attitude are discombobulating for some people. It makes no sense. It doesn't add up. As a result, I think it can be occasionally be unsettling.

Well. As usual, I have kinda been all over the place, and have said things I had not intended to say. I will have to go with that being a "good" thing, but it really is "just" a thing.

I am exhausted, and the day has barely begun. Hopefully it will get better after I get moving and take a shower. It will be a busy day.

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