Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prayerful Support

While the Oncologist believes the Avastin he was giving me is responsible for the regression I recently experienced, I am certain that the prayerful support of those I met along my trip had a role in what happened. I can't say Avastin had no role, but I do wonder how much, given how much my trip affected me and my soul.

As I journeyed, people everywhere were offering prayer. More than once on the spot, I had people praying for me. Once on the beach in Savanaah, once in a rest stop out west - in New Mexico?, and once in a McDonalds on the west coast. For those who wanted to contribute to me in that way, I welcomed it. How could it be bad to have the good wishes of others supporting me?

I also went to an Apostolic Church along the way. It just so happened it worked with where I was, when I was there. I figured I had to go. I was glad I did, although it was a very unusual experience. I wasn't sure what to make of most of it, but was grateful for the support of the church, its leader, and the members.

(As a side note, I need to write about it, if I haven't already...)

Today I offered on my Relating to cancer Facebook page to relay requests for prayer and support. This is what I wrote:

For those who believe in prayer, it costs nothing to do. For those who are a recipient of its energies, there is nothing greater. For that reason, I would like to offer this page as a place that people can ask for prayerful support, as well as energy work. Those who are willing to step up and add their energies, great, and thank you. Those who need it feel free to post your request, and I will repost when I see it so that the main body of this page shows it. I am always saying that this experience is about LIFE and LIVING so much more than it is about cancer. There are so many pieces of life that we can all relate to, and when someone we love, or some pet we love, needs some love and support, I don't know that there can ever be too much. So...whether it is cancer related, or not, feel free to ask for the spiritual support of anyone here who would be willing to contribute. Lots of Love to you.

So if you are in need of support, or would be willing to support others, please keep the page in mind. Your request and/or contribution are welcome.

If you believe in me, and what I am doing with this blog, can you please vote for me (and ask others to)? You can vote once every 24 hours (the more, the merrier! HO, HO, HO, LOL). It isn't so much about winning as it is about getting the word out into the world about the things that often go wordless. Thanks!

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  1. I too believe that prayers can make wonders happen. And often the sheer energy that radiates from a person offering prayers is enough to make things right..


  2. Dear Elizabeth, you are in my thoughts and prayers for this difficult journey you're on.
    Julie @ Mountmom.com

  3. Hello dear one! I am a melanoma survivor who had scar revision surgery done last week. Its interesting how once we have had cancer, choices all feel so different. When my surgeon took out my sutures I looked in the mirror and said, "It's a miracle!" so what if the kids I walked past were the tiniest bit scared! Hopefully it sparked some good discussion with their parents. I am convinced the miracle that is now my scar looks like it does because of the prayer and loved I received. It is one of those gifts that benefits both the giver and the receiver and oh so simple.

    Its no accident I am below you today in the Ultimate Blog Challenge facebook page. I think we were supposed to connect.