Thursday, March 6, 2014

This Time of Night...

What is it about this time of night that has me up and writing? So many blog entries have a late night/early morning timestamp. I haven't been on schedule for treatment, and the farther away I get from my last dose, the more awake I seem to be. I know these hours can be in some ways magical. Lately, though, I am also just feeling a need to purge before I even consider going to bed. These days I can't seem to let things stew internally very long at all. It is like the things come into me, they simmer a bit, and maybe stew a little, but then when the timer goes off...it has to come out of the "oven" or off the "stove." It needs to be expressed. It HAS to be expressed.

Interesting metaphor, actually, as anything that stays on the stove, or in the oven, too long will likely burn. Anything that stays inside of us likely also has that same possibility. And the longer it bakes/cooks, the hotter it is to handle.

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