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Blog Contest

A New Me Relating to cancer
A blog contest began just over two weeks ago, and is going to end in just under a month. It is a popularity contest. The winner is the one with the most votes.

Last year I entered the contest, but never got very far. This year I had no intentions to participate. But then something happened. Someone nominated me. I went on to Facebook to thank "that" person (don't know who it was), and when I did, Sandra Bearden got all excited about the idea of me winning, as the First Prize is $1000.

I thought that if she could be excited, and try to help, then I should at least do that for myself. I have been spending a lot of time and energy in creating awareness of the contest and asking for votes. I don't know how far I got last year, but at the moment I am in the Top 10 with approximately 186 votes.

I believe I could win this thing, even though the leader has approximately 1500 votes at the moment. I just need enthusiastic, supportive voters. I realize that it could be asking a lot, but I am asking.

Last year I wanted to win more for the idea that "word" was getting out on the things I talk about - which is about so much more than "just" cancer. To me it meant something that people were paying attention, and valued what I had to say. This year is most definitely more about the money. Even though that other facet is certainly still present.

This blog has almost 55K views at this point. There are times I am amazed. I never imagined what I would say here, much less imagining that number of views of the things that I have had to say. I am, however, grateful that at the very least, the number suggests whether I hear directly from people, or not, there is some reason people are choosing to show up.

The following is what I posted on a Facebook event page. You will need to have a Facebook and/or Twitter account to be able to vote for me.

Please take a look at it, and consider helping me out. One vote from you is one vote more than I have now. One networking group I belong to has over 5000 members. If each one would take the less than 30 seconds it takes to vote, I would be well in the lead.

Thank you for any effort you are willing to make on my behalf.

Lots of LOVE to you.

See original Facebook post here.

WHO: For Elizabeth Alraune and her blog "A New Me Relate to cancer"

WHAT: Blog contest First Prize $1000

WHEN: Dec 1-Jan 15, 2015

WHERE: http://www.healthline.com/health/best-health-blogs-contest (Search for BLOG TITLE "A New Me Relate to Cancer")

WHY: Because you like Elizabeth? Because she has been dealing with cancer for over 2 years and could really use the money? Because if it was you, you would want the help? Because it is in your heart to help? Because her blog is just that damn good? Because she has over 1,000 blog entries? Because you believe in her message? Because you wish you could help her financially, but can't, but giving someone else's money to her sounds like a great idea?

(It should take less than 30 seconds!)

Go to http://www.healthline.com/health/best-health-blogs-contest and find "A New Me Relate to cancer" by either Search Box, via alpha search (it will be around number 10) or scroll via popularity listings.

There will be a box that says "VOTE." When you click, you will be given the option to vote via both Facebook and Twitter. Once you vote via one platform, you will have the option to vote via the other platform.

Once you have voted, you will have to wait 24 hours to vote again. The system is so smart, that if you click it too soon, it will tell you how much time you have to wait vote next.

(If you have issues voting, please try a different device and/or browser. It seems Firefox may not be so cooperative with the site)

Share this page with others, and/or let them know about the contest. PLEASE do not just share a link to the site. It will not tell them what you are hoping they will do. I wish there was an easier way for voting to take place, and to be able to find the blog, but there isn't. So please be sure to tell them to vote for "A New Me Relate to cancer."

Even better, tag others on your post, instead of just posting it. Many posts on Facebook are missed. Tagging will enhance the possibilities that people will at least see it.

Even better still, see what you can do to actively get people to vote. If you leave it up to them, we all know there is a good chance they will have the best of intentions, but then...well, forget. Or, well...you know...

I realize that it may be asking a lot of people to do this. There are so many things pulling at us each day. Which ones do we act on? Which ones do we care about? Which ones do we pay attention to? May I suggest that if you have gotten this far, and have been reading all of this, that might be reason enough to act? After all, time spent here might just mean that this means something to you in some way.

In just a few days there has been a bit of momentum. But it is not enough to win. If Elizabeth is going to win, she needs your help. Often Elizabeth tells people that even $1 will help. 500 people give $1, and it's $500. The same thing goes with voting. If 1000 people voted even once, that would be a 1000 votes. As of December 15, the leader has over 1200 votes. Elizabeth has less than 100.

This information is shared to give perspective, not to dissuade anyone from acting. It is DOABLE...IF people are willing to act.

Thank you so much for your time and effort, and for whatever you can do to make this happen. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is almost out of money, and it is looking like she is on the verge of chemo for the third time, starting some time in January. $1000 won't solve her problems (not by a long-shot) but it will at least help her for another month.

PS Want to learn more about Elizabeth, or want to help her out? The following links should help:
Relatetocancer.com (A New Me Blog)
GotStressGetRelief.com (YouTube Videos)
SometimesitSuckstobeHuman.com (Book)
GreatFoodEscape.com (Recipe Booklet)
Cedonaah.com (Artistic alter ego - prints, works of art, jewelry, cards, tiles and more also Facebook.com/Cedonaah)
Relatingtocancer.com/mp3s.html (hypnotic recordings)
Heartsgiving.com (easy way to donate, including tax-deductible option)
Facebook.com/JoLoPe (Personal Page)
Twitter.com/JoLope (@JoLoPe)

Thanks again!

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