Friday, December 19, 2014


You know when you are in one of "those" moods? A mood that is reactionary? One that a button got pushed, and you know if you say anything, you will likely say the wrong thing, and piss someone off? That's the mood I am in right now. Yeah, that one.

I am trying to figure out exactly what is bothering me about what happened. I kind of think I may know, but I am not entirely certain.

I have noticed how people often explain things they don't need to. But they obviously feel like they do. I think it can be, at times, a defense mechanism. I am going to say no, but I have to justify my no. I can't just leave it at no.

And people do this as a form of self-protection, perhaps, because if they don't do it, the person they're interacting with might just put them on the defense if they don't do it to themselves first. At least then, they're prepared.

I am not sure that is it, although it might be a part. Another part is the fact that there was an incorrect assumption made. So I got the benefit of a counterattack without even doing anything to "deserve" it. Even that, in and of itself, I don't think is that terrible. It is what was said. It was what the undercurrent of the message was about what I was doing. I think that is really what hit the nerve.

But the combination of the factors, well, that made it all that much more explosive for me. I am actually feeling quite pissed off at the moment.


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