Thursday, April 2, 2015

You Never Know Just What Can Happen

You just never know what can happen.

Yesterday I was running some errands. The first store I stopped in the cashier was practically scowling. "Bad day?" I asked, with a smile.

He smiled back. 

I am guessing he appreciated my acknowledgment.

The next place I spoke with a woman near the register. Neither one of is were in line, but just near each other.

The woman started to tell me about her son, her day, the current stress of her life. As I listened, I shared things from my hypnotist and artist selves. I also acknowledged what she was feeling.

It was an incredible encounter only made more so by the fact that I debated about going there. In some ways it was reminiscent of my drug store experience when I was on the road. (Will try to remember to come back with a link for you to reference...) 

I just felt like I had to go, and I obviously listened. And it fed my soul.

I have so much to offer others, and often I do not get to. There are times I feel useless, even though I know I am far from it. But if you don't get to use what you got, is it like you got it at all?

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