Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Know....

You know how you always say you will work something out? How you want to plan to be with someone, but then something gets in the way? Not once. Not twice. But too many times to count, and time slips away?

Intentions are good. You know they are. But then one day, there is something that happens, and that plan will never take place. There is an accident. A heart attack. An illness, like cancer. And everything just stops. 

You then switch from the good intentions to the "only ifs." You wind up feeling regret on top of everything else because you know that all of those things that stood in your way, that seemed so reasonable, were things that could have waited. They are things that if they never happened would have been just fine. You would have been just fine.

You wind up standing there holding a "what if" instead of a memory of a time spent with someone you in some way cared about.

I know you'd like to think me wrong. The thought of this is so uncomfortable, isn't it? You know you do it a lot more than you would want to, but you have your reasons. Wouldn't you rather have those you care about, though?

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