Friday, April 4, 2014

More About the Recipe Booklet

In addition to the 30 recipes that I share in my booklet, I write a bit as an introduction. I have debated about sharing it all, or just a portion. As I wrote it, I found myself wondering if my recipe booklet could become my book. I wondered if there is some way to weave the pieces of life together with the recipes. After all, cooking is a great metaphor for life.

I am still contemplating it. However, this is how it currently begins. It might be kind of cool to look back on this one day, as it might just evolve as I make changes.

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Hello. Thank you for your interest in me and/or my favorite recipes from over the years.

In my young 20s, I was determined to make all kinds of things, and had thousands of recipe clippings and recipe books and booklets. The organization of it all took a great deal of time and effort and love.

I spent the weekends in the kitchen, and felt pretty proud one month when I did not repeat a single recipe. The person I was with at the time joked at some point that if he liked a recipe he would never have it again.

It wasn’t that, at all. I just wanted to have different things. I grew up with the same meals over and over and I wanted diversity, and I enjoyed the adventure of finding several recipes and trying to morph several into one that suited me. He, on the other hand, grew up with the same meals over and over and it brought him some sort of comfort.

A few of the recipes that you will find here are family recipes. The Pumpkin Pie comes from my grandmother. It is a delicious taste of my childhood. I have never seen another recipe that even comes close to the list of ingredients. Anyone who has ever tasted it falls in love. Of course a pre-requisite would have to be enjoyment of pumpkin in the first place! But if that is present, odds are it will be a sure-fire hit.

One of the cookie recipes came from an aunt who passed away last year. She was an integral part of my life, playing the role of third mom. She was my go-to person when I had questions about how to do something, or if I was trying to figure something out, especially when it came to cooking.

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