Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Sucks & Pisses Me Off

Things like this piss me off in a HUGE way. (http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/04/20/cancer-saga-grips-family-2-towns.html)

People like this get more help for a phony situation than I do for my real one. I realize that it is hard to know if something is real or true if you don't know the person. But if records of mine were ever legally required, the people pulling them, and making any allegations would likely find themselves embarrassed.

I am all too willing to provide proof for anyone who is legit in offering me help. I recently even told someone a doctor's name. I suspect they were trying to make sure I was legit. I didn't like doing it, but it only makes sense.

I have people who have gone with me for treatment who can actually say they have seen me get it. I have pictures of being hooked up to the chemo treatment. I have videos at every stage, and I would have to be a damn good actress if this wasn't real.

Scammers are so much better at getting more than me because they truly try to manipulate. All I am trying to do is survive. This type of thing so freaking sucks for people like me.

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