Monday, December 2, 2013

More (Artistic) Goodies (Video)

I have been creating more things. I found a way to cover light plates with some of my designs, so I can (to some degree) replicate the plates I painted. The 3rd from the left is one of those replications. The other plates are other designs of mine that I have made prints of.

The painted ones are one of a kind in that I cannot fully replicate them, and the color of the reproductions will vary from the original. There will be only one painted version of each, unless I find a way to do otherwise.

I am really enjoying doing this work, and am excited about the possibilities. Because these are made by hand, and by hand is imperfect, they have imperfections, and I think it is great that they do. However, there may be those who expect them to be perfect, in which case they are not for you. They are for those who can appreciate the perfection in seeming imperfection.

If you have any questions, please be in touch. As a reminder, I will also be at the Homewood Suites on December 10 sharing my work. I hope if you decide to go, you'll stop by along the way.

For anyone who is willing to help me, a great way to do that is to please share my work. I need to put together a page that has everything in some way that makes some semblance of sense. I am making this up as I go along, and because of that it may not be as clear and concise as it could be, or that others would like. But in time I will get there. It is an evolution, just like life.

Here is a video of the print images that I have. Enjoy :)

I am hoping that this will spark the interest of those who see it. I guess time will tell. :)


  1. When you paint them do you also fire the plates?

    1. No...just put a water based sealer on them.