Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Out of the "Norm" for a Bit

So many things going through my mind. Today I am out of my "usual" environment. Away from the boxes, the moving, the chaos of bills and paperwork. Away from my life for just a little while.

I got an invitation from a friend to go away for a couple of days. So far it hasn't even been a day, but it is so nice to have the change of pace. 

Since the weather hasn't been too hot, I am also wearing one of my red wigs. While I am getting used to a wigless, short-haired me, there is something awesome about wearing a wig. The color, the length, and not to mention, the compliments. Although, to be fair (even though I don't really want to) I have gotten what seem to be genuine compliments with my own, short hair.

There is something, though, about wearing a wig...and as the weather starts to cool down, you will likely see me wearing them again. I probably would not have stopped, if it was not for how intolerable they are with summer's heat and humidity.

I spent a train ride yesterday working on what will become my "notebook series." I packed a notebook and crayons. I thought I would see what I came up with.  I would have preferred unlined paper, but couldn't find any as inexpensively as the lined. Thought it might make for an interesting addition to the work. 

I was also thinking about the perfectionists (which I used to be one) who won't do something - unless it is the way they want - unless it is perfect. So much doesn't happen when you seek perfection. And so much creatively can happen when you work with the resources you have available.

Someone was telling me about an artist who used to be on PBS. He would say there were no errors or mistakes. He would just take what another deemed an error, and make it into something. 

It is kind of how "cedonaah" works, too. Some of the final products don't even vaguely resemble how they started out, and it is not on purpose. They just evolve from the work, and how the creativity flows.

There will likely be some disjointed blog entries for a while. Getting out of any semblance of a routine doesn't help, and within a couple of days I will be back to having too much to do. In the meantime, I am going to do my best to just enjoy the opportunity that is in front of me.

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