Monday, August 19, 2013

Looking for Opportunities to be an Engaging Speaker

There is going to be a conference here in Maryland, at the end of September. Today was the deadline to submit an application to be a speaker. I really don't like trying to figure out how to describe a talk in just a few words, but sadly, it is what people require.

I don't like it for a few reasons, one of which is the fact that it seems to be one of the things I have always had difficulty with - and now, even more so. Another reason is the fact that I don't like the sales pitch/"fix" approach that many talk descriptions seem to have. I don't have a "fix." No one does, really. And yet people are always looking for one. So that is how things are often presented.

I have done a talk before on Hypnosis and how our mind works, but I am looking to branch out, given what I am going through. The stretching is extraordinarily uncomfortable. I will have 40 minutes to talk, if I am given a spot.

It is going to be interesting, especially given how things were when I spoke at the CCBC Expo earlier this year. I need to get out and do this kind of thing. It is the only way I am going to be able to get out and do this kind of thing. I have even started fishing a little in terms of other forums for speaking.

The following is what I submitted today. If you have any thoughts on where I can speak, please let me know. These are are a few of the titles/talks that I could give. I haven't been out there in a huge way, having spoken at Kiwanis Groups, Chambers of Commerce, and Libraries. The Expo has been my biggest forum to date, but everyone has to start somewhere.


PS...If you are someone who is adept at helping speakers craft their messages, and you would be willing to assist me, I would welcome the help. I could "pay" you with some form of trade. Just be in touch. Thanks.

Get A M.O.V.E. On: How to Hurdle Life’s Stumbling Blocks
How do I get through – and past – the things in my life that threaten the life I desire to have? How do I deal with life’s challenges that sometimes leave me feeling stuck or left behind? Challenges and changes often leave me feeling like I am “not enough” or “not good enough.” How do I know when I am doing the right thing when indicators – and loved ones – may be telling me otherwise? This talk will address these types of troubling thoughts and questions, offering info on how to help you get a M.O.V.E. on.

The Secret of How Your Mind Works: Learn How Best to Interact with Your Backseat Driver
(Alternate title could be Mind: Your Business)
Learn the Secrets of How Your Mind Works. A diagram will be presented which will outline and explain how our mind works, and why having willpower often doesn’t work. Suggestions will be given on how to help work with your mind instead of against it.  Learn how to do self-hypnosis.

Whose Voice is Coming Out of Your Mouth?
Are you living YOUR life? Why do you choose the things you do? Ever wonder why you feel at odds with the things that are supposed to be “right?” This talk will shine light on things you may not have considered or have been aware of that empower or inhibit you.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Learning the Art of Living from Your Heart.
Are your heart and head constantly at odds with each other? Which one is right? Could be they both are. This talk will address the role of your heart in day-to-day life, and at the core of all things You.

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  1. Hoping someone will help you out soon. Unfortunately I cannot do it, but will share this post with my networks.

    1. Thanks Miriam! That's all I could possibly hope/ask for. I appreciate you making the effort. Hopefully there will be others elsewhere that will ultimately appreciate it, too. :)

  2. Wow, Elizabeth, this sounds like an exciting opportunity!

    I think your submission looks really appealing and concise. It seems very clear in what your talk will be about, and how it will help your audience.

    This may not have been easy for you - distilling your talk into a short "pitch" or summary, but I think it's good practice. We need to be able to share our service, product, or speech in a one-or two sentence "sound bite." Writers call it an elevator pitch -- and I think the world is increasingly wanting short, quick summaries of stuff.

    Anyway, I think your application looks great! I hope you get to speak at this conference :-)

    Stay true to you,

    1. Thanks Laurie. I know what you say about the "pitch." It seems "everyone" says it. I get it, but I don't. I know the "world" wants to shorter bites, but there is something about that that bothers me, too.

      I am not bothered just for the "heck" of it, and not because it is "hard." Something about it just does not feel right to me. I wish I understood better why, but I haven't gotten there yet.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and appreciate your support. :) I hope I get to speak, too!