Thursday, August 15, 2013

In the Hole (Video)

Thanks to Ayngel Boshemia, I am thinking a lot more about what a "Survivor" is. I see things a bit differently with that filter. Even the words that I have on Relatingtocancer.com under the tree, I think fit a Survivor. 

When I saw this video, I thought of the perspective of the Survivor. A Survivor is probably more likely than almost anyone else to step up to the plate if someone they can identify with needs help. In my case, I might be likely to step up in cases where many would walk - even run - away.

I am not sure who this gets attributed to. Maybe it was something the writers at West Wing thought up. I suppose it doesn't really matter, given the context. I think what is said is brilliant, and also speaks to why there are times I am no big fan of doctors or organized religion.

This video might be a precursor as to why I may become a big fan of the West Wing. I have caught an episode here and there over time. The tale of the man who was sent 3 rescuers but still died, waiting for God to rescue him was first introduced to me on that show. I may have to find some time to go back and watch the shows. I wonder how long it will take.

My list of things to do grows longer. The "good" thing perhaps is that it is at least of things I want to do versus things I "have" to do or don't want to do. 

Now to make it happen.

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