Saturday, August 10, 2013

"You aren't the author of any blogs yet"

In an attempt to keep things organized, I have separate IDs for different things. Google likes for everything to be in one place, but I don't necessarily work that way. Just now I was in one of my other accounts, and it said, "You aren't the author of any blogs yet."

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At first I kind of chuckled. But then I thought about it on a deeper level. It is like the way we "do" life. We look at what we think we know and we make assessments. Since I was logged into another account, Google thought it knew what it was talking about, and made an assessment. It didn't go looking to find anything beyond what it initially thought it knew - that I wasn't an author of a blog.

Thank goodness they're not that smart. I think they're already a lot "smarter" than I am often comfortable with - but that is another conversation.

How often do we look at a label of some sort and think we know all we need to know about a person or a situation? How often do we act on what we think we know, when we may know nothing at all? There are probably times it doesn't matter much, like in a case like this. But there are other times it may have far-reaching and high impact implications.

More and more every day I am finding myself assessing the world in which I live. It is not so much the things and people in it, as much as my role and perspective in it. Where do I stand on things? Am I reacting to another? Am I judging another? How do my assessments of others and other things affect me and the life I live? Every time I am on the receiving end of something that someone says or does it makes me reflect on what I say and do. Is what is happening something I would want another to be on the receiving end of?

I can't tell you how many times I have reconsidered what I was about to say or do, given the perspective I now have. I may have some incredible insight into what I think another is saying or doing - but odds are - unless they ask for it, they probably don't give a damn what I think. And, as far as I am concerned - they shouldn't.

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  1. If you saw my best friend, what would you see? Retired school teacher? Grandmother? Self described "foodie"? Ovarian cancer survivor of 30 plus years now battling an even more deadly cancer, while her husband battles cancer, too? She has most interesting perspectives on the world and the people around her, I can tell you that.

    1. Sounds like someone I'd enjoy meeting. I hope she and her husband are doing OK. Sounds like she has a great friend in you.

  2. So true.. it is easy to judge others or situations without knowing all the facts. I believe it all comes down to relationships. We need to know those around us in order to really be in their lives.

    1. Thanks for visiting. :) Sometimes I think those who are the closest to us are the most guilty of this.