Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Odd Moment

I just found out that my father's first wife passed away. It's kind of a long story. The short one is that she had every right not to like me. My father cheated on her with my mother. I was a result of that time. I hadn't even met my siblings from his first marriage until about 15-ish years ago. I had never thought I would meet them, quite frankly. It didn't seem for the longest time that it would happen, or make any kind of sense that we should meet.

But then one day it happened. And all of my siblings seemed to welcome the contact, and I even met her - their mother. She was awesome with me. I enjoyed talking to her, and it was pleasant time spent.

If I was in NY, I would want to attend the funeral. Well. Not really. Going to my aunt's funeral was surreal. I couldn't help but wonder if mine might be coming sooner than I wanted it to, and if anyone else had that thought cross their mind. But, putting that aside, I would want to be there to support my family. We aren't that close. Things kinda started with a bang, but became more of a simmer, but there was something about all of us that just clicked when we met. Something about my father's genes must have in some way translated into a comfort that we had with one another.

One day I will probably talk about it more. But now is not the time.

Sending lots of love to my siblings and their families for their loss.
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