Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neat Little Boxes

I saw a post recently with an article about how men treat women these days. I shared it, as it had interesting perspective. I noted that fact, and said that I think it doesn't apply to just men. Someone added that it wasn't so simple. I agreed with that. Another person added something about what women do to have men be that way.

It got me thinking about how in our bite-sized world we try to figure out how to convey a large subject in some conclusive way in only an appetizer-sized portion. Anything can be approached any number of ways and there can be any number of perceived causes and things and people to hold responsible or blame or...

The thing is...

It's not that simple. And yet, it is. It is simple if we are willing and able to look at our own life, our own circumstance, our own perspective and work within what fits and suits us. However, even if we do do that, we are still interacting with others who have a different framework and work within what works for them. Trying to find the place that both (and sometimes many) can co-exist (mostly) peacefully can be a challenge - one that can not - and should not in all cases - be met.

Life does not fit into neat little boxes, but that doesn't stop us from trying to make it fit.

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  1. Elizabeth....very interesting perspective. Does definitely does make one think about cause and effect. There's an old Buddhist saying, "If you want to know the causes of your past, look to your present and if you want to know your future, look at the causes you are creating in the present." (paraphrased).

    1. My mother, family members and friends have had cancer too. It does change your perspective. Congrats and KIMF---keep it moving forward!

  2. I get so tired of people trying to fit others into little boxes. I spent most of my full-time employed life (I was a teacher--now just a substitute teacher) fighting against the stereotypes and boxes my bosses triedt to fit me into. It was sad. Once it was discovered that I was not who I thought I should have been, any closeness we had was over. I was supposed to be the good, little Christian who never made waves and thrived on teaching songs to classes. No, that's not true. Sure, I'm a Christian, but I always wanted to push the envolope and think about things differently. And I wanted to do more than just teach cute, little songs. I wanted to inspire children to believe and do things they never imagined possible. And sometimes I did. I was not seen as a teacher but as a glorified babysitter who knew nothing of math, English, or history. Give me a break! I would like for those lovely bosses of mine to explain why I was an honor student who thrived on reading, writing, and even some math. And I knew more about history than the history teachers did!!

    Off my soapbox now. Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog and writing this great post.

  3. You've placed a truth out there that many don't want to see, Elizabeth. Most people aren't comfortable with their own baggage, relationships, opinions, and displace that discomfort onto others, even when they might actually agree. And Liz, you brought a valid point in as well. We do build our futures on the foundations we lay today, just like someone did it for us when we were to little to think for ourselves.

    We perpetuate what we know because doing otherwise is too unpredictable to outcome. Most don't care to shake hands with unpredictable.

    Good post. I enjoyed it.