Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Strategies

Recently, someone from a networking group I belonged to posted something about those in the group helping me move.


I have a dilemma.

I wish it was a simple thing. But here is why it is not.

The friend I live with is renting an apartment for a minimum of 3 months. It could be 3, it could be more. Only time will reveal what it turns out to be.

Storage is about $200 per month. Which is crazy, and as I am running out of money and financial options, it is not an option I want to take advantage of - unless I have to. I can't really afford it. So. What he has agreed to is me moving my stuff into the apartment for the time that I am there.

The thing is, my stuff doesn't have to be out of the house until it sells - which could be within the 3 month time period.

If I move my stuff there, it will only be temporary. The fact is, odds are really good that it will be to there and then to storage. There is a chance (but it is very slight) I can move with him to the next place. And a slight chance they can go straight to a new place without storage (which is why I am not looking to do a big move to the apartment at this time, and opting to do it over time).

I have thought that I might move a couple of boxes a day by myself to the apartment. Then, when I really will need the help, I will have those kind enough and willing to help help, which could be October-ish, or later.

Another reason for this reasoning is my health. Thankfully at the moment I am not on chemo, and have not had surgery recently. With the fact that I have had a recurrence, there is a possibility that could change at a later time, and I will be less able to do anything, so I will REALLY need the help then, and I don't want to burn through any good will prematurely. I am hoping that that won't happen, of course, but I just don't know.

Someone said to me why don't I ask for help both times. Granted. I can. I just feel like it is a lot to ask. No one likes moving, and then to ask for help twice within a relatively short span of time is awkward for me, at best.

The way it stands at the moment, I am going to try to make it work on my own for now and I will post later when I need the help for a bigger move that has to happen all at once. However, if you are reading this and could potentially be able and willing to assist with a few boxes now, I won't say no. I am really challenged, and I don't know how I am going to do it, but I just know I have to. I will be starting to move a few things over this weekend.


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