Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 16: #303030 Mario

30 Days. 30 Causes. 30 Dollars. Today I have chosen someone who has come to my attention through Ken Newman. Mario is looking to get funding for an album. (click for fundraising page)

I chose this cause because Mario and Ken did a fundraiser for me last year, and it is an opportunity for me to give something back. Mario had no idea who I was, and still stepped up to help - without asking anything of me.

I appreciate what he did, and am happy to see what I can do to help him accomplish his goal. I also know the value of asking, and how difficult it can sometimes be to get support for our heart's desires and work.

If you are seeing this, consider there may be a reason, and please consider helping. Thanks!


(The rest of this entry is a repeat from a previous one.)

If you don't know me, you may not know that I am really in no position to be spending my money on others. I am running out myself after having dealt with cancer since last May. I began this #303030 as a way of living into the idea that each and every $1 matters. I have often said it, but up until this past year, I was not likely to be one to help another, even with a $1. It wasn't that I didn't want to, but often I would be concerned how I would look (cheap?), or think that somehow the recipient might think that it didn't mean anything, or I would intend to do it later, which never came.

I decided to change that. I had to change it. So often I will see those in great need echo my words. They, too, know the value of the little things adding up. It is those who have never had that great need who would likely question the value of what would seem a minor contribution.

It really does mean something to someone who really is struggling. I guarantee it. Not sure if they are legit, or not? It is a valid question. At the same time, if it is "only" $1 to you, then does it really matter if they're not?

I keep telling people to feel free to reference me if they are looking to raise funds. I really don't mind. Part of my reason for doing this is to show people that if I can do it, they can, too. Even if it was one person, $1, over 12 months, it is making a difference in 12 people's lives in ways you could only possibly imagine.

I really do wonder in the super-sized world we live in if we think small enough often enough.


Want to take my idea a step further? Share this concept with others. Imagine what an incredible difference it would make in the world if one day each and every person took a dollar and gave it to someone in need. The thought, quite frankly, blows my mind. In the best possible way of course. I wonder if there would be some way to start that movement. Anyone got any ideas?

Even if not, the $1 you contribute still does matter.

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