Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving and Shifting

I've bern running in super-duper speed, until I am at a stop. I have been pushing to get things done and organized so I can relax and enjoy the space I am living in.

Someone was here unpacking the truck, and she was talking about how she physically is unable to handle how the unpacked energy feels in her body. She is quite intuitive and empathic, and when she said what she did, I realized that the way I have always been when making a move may have something to do with that. I get so anxious when things are awry.

Plus, right now I can't do much of anything, except try to pack and organize. However I did find a space that I am hoping to have as a clear, calming and meditative place. 

I keep getting flashes of anxiety about what comes next, and I have pulled out a number of - mad dash downstairs, suddenly remembered that I was boiling water for tea - a number of things that I hadn't seen in almost 2 years. 

A part of me didn't want to unpack some of the stuff, thinking of what it will take to repack, but what is the point of having something I can't enjoy? Plus, storage is an issue, so it is keep and enjoy, or get rid of,

It is interesting to think about how I used to be. There are so many changes and shifts and reasons for those changes and shifts. If I time traveled, I wonder if I would recognize myself.

I feel mixed about the changes. Some I just don't know what to think of them. What I know is that things shifting is inevitable, and while we are not always happy about where things head, we don't always know where that is, either.

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