Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wanted to feel normal for a time...

12:12 1:11 the number sequences continue. Today it seems to be noticed more than it has been some other recent days. Not sure why, other than perhaps there are some days it is as though measured time does not exist. I have no where to be, nothing in particular to do and have zero reason to pay attention to the numbers on the clock.

In the last day I have been preparing my first meal for guests in quite some time. Not even sure when the last time was. I have gotten most everything to a stopping/launching point, and waiting for them to arrive.

It is a freaking lot of work, made a bit more difficult by the fact that I am making a couple of things not made before. At the moment, I feel a bit light-headed, and tired. 

As I was dressing today I noticed something on my leg I need to ask about at my next visit. I am hoping they tell me it is nothing to worry about. It will suck, though, if they tell me to see my own doctor. The one I had been seeing is pretty far away at this point.

I guess we shall see.

It has been a bit of agony trying to plan everything. My mind struggles to put it all together. I usually love the process of cooking and entertaining, but it is taking a lot out of me.

I won't tell my friend because I think he he knew it would be too much, but went with what I wanted.

I wanted to feel normal for a time.


  1. I understand the battle. I fight it every day too. Feeling normal is a very important part. I call them little victories, those days when I can do something normal and I am not exhausted at the end. Hopefully they will come more and more frequently.