Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Help on the way? (*Fingers Crossed*)

Today I called Social Security. At least my paperwork is being processed. Thank goodness for miracles. :) I knew what would happen if I am denied, but I did not know what would happen if they approved. I found out a few things:

1. It will take 30 working days to hear from them. Basically 6 weeks, if there are no Federal holidays. That means I will not hear anything til mid-March-ish.

2. Provided they approve me, it will take another 6 weeks to get any back money, so that means the end of April.

3. If a lawyer was involved (and at the moment there is not), get this, s/he would receive their payment before I would!!! I think that is horrendous. I know the lawyer works for it, but the person filing likely needs it a lot quicker than the lawyer does. That just seems crazy to me.

Best case, I will be on my way in about a month. But I still need to make it til then. Worst case, I do not even want to think about.

PS People are trying to be helpful by telling me how difficult it is to get approved. I have heard the stories. I have already had some of my own hiccups. I hear they are a bit more compassionate when it comes to cancer, and that a recurrence of ovarian cancer is likely to go through. Whether it does or doesn't, at this point all I can do is wait and hope, and keep doing what I am doing. In some ways I rather not share, but I do so you, as a potential person who can help, know what is going on. I seek to be as transparent as possible. I already know how much it will be per month, and it will not be enough - but at least it will be something. All I can do is take one step at a time. Please, no Disability  stories - unless they are good ones. Things are stressful enough. And, if you happen to be one of the ones who already shared, thank you for caring. Thank you, too, as it told me what else I needed to say/share to take care of myself.

Good night.

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