Monday, February 17, 2014

I Sometimes Wonder...

I sometimes wonder if people will have more of an interest in me long after I am gone. You hear stories of those who get interested in someone, only to go through everything they ever did. They read everything they wrote. They talk to as many people as they can. They view everything they can get their eyes on. They immerse themselves in the life of the person with the intention to paint a picture of them that they deem "accurate."

Will there be a future someone who stumbles into me in some dustball corner of the internet? Will there be an opportunity to get to know me? Will YouTube stay alive? Will this blogger website continue to exist?

So many times I think about how I want to get a book out, and yet I continue to do videos, and write here. Am I meant to write a book? If the time comes that I depart this place, maybe someone will write my story for me. I just hope that if they do, it resembles me in some part. Sometimes how people see us is not exactly how we see ourselves.

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