Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What if...?

Are you familiar with Anita Moorjani? She wrote the book Dying to be Me. I am more enthusiastic about her and her book and message than I have been about anyone in a long time.


Because sooooo much of what she says resonates for me, in part, because there are things she has said that I have also said. I could have, at times, have thought I was reading my own stuff as I read what she wrote and heard her speak.

Having said that, there are some other things that haven't occurred to me that I find myself sharing because they are so powerful. One of them has to do with one's purpose. She says that she believes that our purpose is to be the best "me" we can be.

If you think about it, it makes sense. What is the point of having so many of us here if we're all supposed to be carbon copies of each other? We try so hard on the surface to be who the "world" tells us we should be, and the result has us forfeiting ourselves in whole or in some part.

There are so many facets to life, why do we feel like we need to ignore some, or put them aside? How can we truly have a complete experience in this playground of life if we are feeling compelled to live by someone else's perceptions, which were really, in some way, based on their discomforts?

If who you are and what you believe really fits you, then there is no doubt you should be that way. IF it really does. Is it really "yours" or is it someone else's? And if it goes for you, then it has to go for others, too.

We have such a double standard at times. If we think something is OK, or not, we figure everyone else must think the same way, too, and if they don't, and (especially if it makes us uncomfortable) they should.


We would never want someone to come along and do that to us. Standing up to be who you truly are is scary and uncomfortable only because you were taught that you weren't supposed to be that way. It is, however, the most natural way to be. You will ruffle feathers, and a whole lot more, and it likely WILL suck, but the peace that you gain within can make a big difference. You may not even realize how much energy you spend on what other people think. It is a waste of the precious life you are intended to be living.

There are better ways to spend that time, and you will be amazed at how certain concerns you had just disappear. I suspect many of our issues come from our discomfort in truly embracing and loving who we are.

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