Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Magic's Timing is Not Always Ours

I have been riding the Metro, the DC area subway, for some time now. I had been using a plastic Metro Card, but when it cracked, I was in no hurry to replace it.

The card costs $2. It is not something that most people would even hesitate about. But $2 can be the difference between me getting where I need to, or not. $4.50 won't get me there, but $6.50 will.

I debated about getting one, especially after the ticket vending machine was reluctant to take back the pesky dollar coins it had only given me days before.

However, I got my paper ticket, and when I went through the turnstiles at my destination, a woman handed me a Metro Card. She apparently no longer had a need for it, and there was money still left on it.

It wound up being a $6.15 gift, if you include the $2 of the card's cost.

All I could do was smile. She probably would not have handed the card to me, if she had seen me with one.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but it was huge to me.

I am grateful for that angel and unexpected - but perfect - gift.

It is amazing to me how things happen. I may have thought I knew why I was waiting, but it may not have been for the reason I thought at all. I just needed to allow the timing for her to show up.

It is a good thing I did not spend too much time thinking about it, or agonizing about it; it would have been such a waste.

Some things really do seem magical. But there are times the "trick" may take a bit of time to happen.

Maybe there are reasons for delays that are beneficial, and we spend too much time and energy giving ourselves a hard time for not doing what we think we "should."

Maybe we delay things because we are somehow listening, and know something is coming - something that won't come if we do that thing we think we "should" do.

It obviously had a much better outcome than I could have foreseen.

It was a bright spot on an otherwise dark day.


  1. This is beautiful. Sometimes, the smallest gifts are the most meaningful. Occasionally, I visit Washington, D.C., and I love riding on the metro. Here in Western New York, I walk a lot, due to inferior mass transit. But the metro is fun, and I am glad that you got to enjoy it after your card bit the dust.

    1. Thanks for your comment :) it certainly was a beautiful thing - the woman probably thought nothing of it.

  2. Way cool that you received the metro card from an unexpected giver. Those times don't happen often, but when they do, there's something more special about that gift then some of the biggest gifts given to us. This story made me smile. Thanks!

    1. :) thx for dropping by. This makes me smile, too...and knowing it has that affect on you, and perhaps others?, even better.