Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feeling Clueless

Recently, an American dentist killed Cecil, the lion. There has been an incredible uproar around what happened for several reasons. There are, as always, a myriad of conversation offshoots. One of them is a comparison between how people have reacted to the news of a number of recent deaths vs how people have reacted to Cecil's death.

Before I saw the reactions to the reactions, I noticed the disparity.  I also have noticed how there have been fundraising campaigns for pets that have raised funds greatly exceeding what I have been able to raise for myself.

I have made note of this fact previously, but the reaction often is not supportive of me or my observation. I raise it now because there seems to me to be a similarity. Exactly the same? No. But there are threads...

I am not really sure what to say about it. I have said that focus on one thing should not minimize another thing. And yet, it would certainly seem there are times that is not exactly the case. Or, at least people's experience of it has it seeming to minimize the thing perceived to be more important.

Most people have no clue what is happening - unless it relates to them, or is happening to them. And when those who believe themselves to be affected speak up/out, they are reacted to in a way that is an even greater minimalization. "This is not about you."

So when DOES it get to be?

The greater picture has a seemingly skewed way of looking at things that I am not even sure how to encapsulate in a few words, or even a few sentences. Most people would likely SAY people matter, and that we should help others, and yet, when it comes down to the ample opportunities we have to make a difference for another human being, we cumulatively come up lacking.

Some might say animals can't speak for themselves, so that is why we do what we do for them. But what happens when human beings speak for themselves? Many times they are ignored, minimized, judged. And then not helped.

I am sitting here, shaking my head and struggling to know what to say. I am trying very hard to understand the dynamic that has us do this to one another, and the fact is, I feel pretty clueless. 

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