Friday, July 31, 2015

Please think about it...

In the last few years, I have written a number of people, sharing my story. There have been times I have also asked for help. There was one particular well-known person that seemed to do a great deal to help others, so I was hopeful that something might come of my request. 

Unlike many of the other times that I wrote people, I actually got a response. Sadly, though, the response was something to the effect of "we only help organizations." A church also told someone trying to help me that, too.

It would be all fine, well, and good if the organizations set-up to help people actually did. But the fact is many do not. The fact is a lot of the money is spent in overhead. The fact is people need help to survive day-to-day issues, and for some reason, those who could help do not see that type of need as "worthy."

If you really want to help "people," consider helping a PERSON. Not sure if the are legit/real? Research. Just because an organization exists doesn't make it valid/legit. It is really interesting to me that's people will scruntinize how an individual uses donated money, but not even think twice about an organization.

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