Saturday, July 4, 2015


I was trying to find a "natural" salad dressing. Many times I will make my own, but I wanted Caesar which I am not so sure about making, in part, because it calls for raw eggs. In researching brands labelled "organic" and/or "natural" there are ingredients I find questionable. Two of those ingredients are soybean oil and canola oil. I have yet to find a bottled dressing that doesn't have one or the other - or both.

This site explains a thing, or two, about canola oil: http://authoritynutrition.com/canola-oil-good-or-bad/ It also states that it is "better" than soybean oil. From what I know about things soybean, there is an issue in that soybeans really need to be fermented to be "ok" for us to consume, but most things that are with soybeans are not. The lack of fermentation is a key missing piece.

So. I sit here, a bit bummed. I really wanted Caesar Dressing. I have tried not to "drive myself crazy" with my food choices. It really isn't hard to do when you start looking at packaged goods with any kind of awareness. The other day I soooo wanted potato chips. I spent time and energy going through the various brands and types, including "natural" and "organic," to only see canola and soybean oils over and over. I knew packaged wasn't the best option, but I also couldn't see myself making any any time soon. And I so wanted some. I wound up going without,

These freaking oils are in so much food, and - potentially even worse - canola is pronounced to be "healthy." I am just not sure how it can be deemed natural or healthy. But, then again, how much food truly is?

If you go to the page I reference above, there is a video that talks about how canola is made, and how different parts are used, including as feed for animals. The page also states that most of the canola oil made is genetically modified. As a result, the genetically modified seed could be in a good part of the food we consume. Sometimes we would know it (if so labelled), but sometimes we wouldn't (in the meat we eat). 

And then there are times I would guess there are ways to double talk the ingredients. I saw something the other day that talked about how a product listed "high fructose corn syrup" and "corn syrup" which really is the same thing. But by being able to break it up the way they did in labeling gave a distorted idea of just how much of the ingredient was truly in the product.

It is things like this that make me want to be as close to "pure" when it comes to ingredients as possible, which is why I often will try to make my own. But that takes time, and energy, and the homemade stuff never lasts as long as you would like it to. I am sure the convenience factor is what gets most of the people most of the time when it comes to this stuff.

Knowing this almost makes me hesitant to consider Caesar Dressing even at a restaurant. But the thing is, most restaurant food likely has a whole number of issues, and I am not sure the tally is worth it. I think that one time is likely ok, but a daily diet of it probably not so much.

I will just have to do what I can - just like I always have. I wish I could do more, though. It is a lot easier on so many levels when your circumstances aren't making your choices for you. I think if I was going to ask for help on some level that I know would be helpful, it would be in regard to having someone make things like this for me. It would kind of be like having a personal chef, but more for the specialty items. 

It is not that I would not appreciate someone else's efforts, but I am not sure that there are many others who would give as much thought to the things I do. As it is, these last few weeks my diet has been minimal. I am wondering if it perhaps should be even more so, which is why I am contemplating eating more salad. I know the plainest salads are probably healthiest and best, but having the ability to switch it up for an unsettled stomach and appetite would certainly be a good idea. 

I probably think about food more than ever now. I either have to be reallllly careful what I choose, or I am feeling so much better than when I couldn't even stand the idea of food that that I go for something "crazy" and hope that I don't get hurt in the process.

In the end, I just wish "natural" couldn't be stretched to mean so many things. How can we label stuff so it actually means something?

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