Friday, July 24, 2015


A basketball player had his pay cut in half when he changed teams. What would have been around 14 million is now almost seven.

Many people are making fun of his dilemma. It is a dilemma I am sure many would not mind having - if they forgo the part that his life might have been planned around that higher number.

Conversations around money are often interesting. The context in which something is spoken about can often tell you something about the person, and how much - or how little - in touch they might be with another's reality.

My guess is he has very little idea how it is for many who struggle to have any money at all. But that may not even be a fair statement. What if he grew up in a very different way? Maybe he does know, but has surpassed it, now living in a very different way/reality.

The fact is, it really is no one's business - but that person's, really. But we seem to often think we have a "right" to have a say.

I just wish I could get to a different reality for myself - one in which I could stop worrying about how I am going to survive financially while I am working on surviving physically. The two things just don't mesh very well. 

And it wouldn't have to take a lot for that to happen. It would take something having to happen, though. And it is really surreal thinking about what kind of reality includes large numbers when I only deal in the small ones.

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