Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Magnetic Idea

I had a brainstorm back in December. I produced a magnet, and was able to get a quantity of them.

Many people say they can't help financially, so my idea was to offer 26 magnets for $25. In turn, the person would get one for free, and could then turn around and offer the magnets to others for $1, recouping their funds.

If this is something you would consider doing, this video explains things, and shows you the magnet:  http://youtu.be/mo4uvsW0thM

In the video I say I "may" have to go back on chemo. Well. That is where I am now, and I really could use the help.

Please take a look. I know some have shied away because it feels like "sales." But is it really "sales" to say to someone, "there is this person dealing with cancer, and I am trying to help her. She created this magnet, and is only asking $1 for it to help herself." If they are people you know, odds are you'd know exactly what to say, and it wouldn't be awkward at all. You might even tell them you already paid for them, and that they'd really be helping YOU out by getting one. : )

As you will see, it has a design and quote many seem to appreciate, and I would appreciate your assistance in helping me stay afloat. 

Thank you.

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