Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Setbacks aren't permanent?

I saw something that said something to the effect that "setbacks aren't permanent." My reaction to that idea? Ha! What about a "setback" like cancer? For some there is no "coming back" from it.

I questioned what a setback was. I questioned what it would mean to have one. I questioned if the statement made could be accurate. I also thought about how difficult it can be to make statements that fit in all cases, in all circumstances, and for all people. Many times I recognize that my statements could be scrutinized, like I am scrutinizing this one.

It almost feels like a "gottcha." 

I think my "issue" with the idea is that we think all things are fixable. All things will resolve themselves for the better somehow. Things will be how we want them to be - rather than how they disappointingly are. And for those who believe this, it can be such an incredible disappointment to discover that things can't always be fixed or changed. It can cast a shadow on us, and have us feel not so great about ourselves.

I am really not sure about some of the stuff we tell ourselves. Sometimes it feels like a denial of "reality." Maybe sometimes denial is not a "bad" thing. But there are other times, well, let's just say, I am not so sure. I am also not so sure that a perceived "bad" reality is a "bad" thing, either.

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