Friday, March 13, 2015

I am the closest I have ever been...

I am the closest I have ever been to running out of money. This is seriously a time I need help. I wish I knew what else I could say, or offer, that would have anyone who has not acted in my behalf. I would do whatever I could to give a person something of value, if they would just see it in the heart to help. I know it is not easy. I know people judge me. I also know I am a good person, with a good heart who needs more compassion than she ever wanted to ever ask for. It would be all too easy to allow myself to believe that I am must not be "deserving" or else I would not be in this position (I bet there are many who do not know me who DO believe that), but I won't allow myself to go there. But even if I do not go "there" mentally, I am still in big trouble in a tangible, big way. If you had tried everything you could think of, and had even begged for help, and could barely function most days, what would you do? If you can do anything at all to help me, I can't tell you what that would mean to me. There is so much stress with dealing with cancer and chemo. This other stuff is not what I need right now. Want ways to help? I can give you a list of things to share. I have magnets you could sell for $1. There are so many damn possibilities...how is it that I cannot help myself/get the help I need? That, my friends, is a rhetorical question. I do not need to be judged or analyzed at this critical time.,.I really just need action, and help. If every Facebook friend found a way to get me $10, I would have almost $5000. That doesn't sound too bad, and yet, at the moment, it is miles away..,can you help me close the gap? Please?

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