Thursday, March 5, 2015

God Will Provide

I am feeling very angry right now. One part of me is saying, "Don't do it." Another part of me wants to scream. In one comment in Facebook, a person plugged into soooo many triggers of mine. I feel like I have to let it out.

The other day someone said something about holding stuff in, and back, in the interest of "marketing." In other words, filter what I say so I do not piss people off, or make them uncomfortable. "Funny" how stating things that many know are likely "true" in some way can be such a problem. But it is. It is HUGE.

So...the one thing I want to address at the moment is the whole "God" thing. Do you realize how many times people tell me that God will provide when I talk about having a financial need? Their statement is a way of saying that I should just remain silent about my need, and trust that God will somehow magically provide.

There is a tale I have heard about a man in a flood. As the flood worsens, three people come along and he refuses their help, saying, "God will save me." He winds up dying, and when he gets to God, he asks him what happened. God says He sent three people, what did he want?

In other words, the guy didn't help himself when he could have. He did not utilize resources that were right in front of him.

Maybe my ability to communicate what is going on, and my expression of that need is exactly what I should be doing. How can people make the assumption that somehow God wants me to be quiet?! I think the whole "God" thing isn't always a God thing. I think it can be a human's thing - which uses God's name - that is really a need to control their circumstances, or another person - or their circumstances.

Anyone can believe whatever they want to about God. If your beliefs and perspective work for you, great. But before you assume that the things you believe, think, and think you know know should fit another, perhaps consider that there is more than one way to approach something. Consider that what another person is facing/dealing with is not the same as your thing, and maybe not even what you think it is, and that your go-to pre-fab answer isn't necessarily what another person needs or wants - or will fill their need. 

After all, I am fairly certain there have been times in your life that others have tried to overlay something on to you that just did not fit - for you, so I am pretty sure you know the kind of thing I am talking about. And it really sucked, didn't it?

Ugh. Ugh. Uggggghhhhh.

Ps speaking of need...want to be someone who God sends to help me? Consider patron.com/jolope Thank you.

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