Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup is one of the easiest things in the world to make - and it just wore me out. To be fair, it is labor intensive. Although I have learned how to make it easier on myself by not cutting up the vegetables.

For a long time I did not even try to make it because I thought it was hard to make it taste good. I had also had a similar experience with white rice. I grew up on 5-minute rice, and I heard stories about how hard it was to make rice "right." 

I actually have to laugh now at how silly that all was, and yet it was my truth for many years. I would bake bagels from scratch, but couldn't make long-grain rice or a basic chicken soup.

To be a bit fair about the chicken soup, I grew up with cooking that rarely used spices. I didn't really know how to use them. I am getting better, but that is definitely a place I could learn a lot more. 

Part of what I think makes the soup is the seasoning, and only in the last few years have I come upon a mixture of spices that works really well. I think it is the cherry on the top of the soup.

Yup. Kinda gross sounding, isn't it? But ya know what I mean. I really think it is what really makes it what it is. Had I been making soup before that showed up, maybe I would never have tried it in the recipe. So maybe I made it for the first time at the right time. 

Although, as I think about it, I am not sure my first attempts at soup included it.

Guess I have to come up with another reason why a significant delay made it the "right" time when it happened. Lol. 

I am making it because I especially like to have it in hand when I am chemo-tizing. It is not only one of the easiest things to make (pull out of freezer and heat up), I can add an egg for homemade egg drop soup and some protein. It is also one of the easiest things on a stomach that has been in the chemo-zone as much as it has.

If you don't know, chemo often acts on the cells that are the ones that grow the fastest - like hair. Stomach and digestive cells are included on that, so it can mess with digestion - and the enjoyment of food - in a big way. It really sucks. And the more chemo I have had, the more I exoerience in this regard.

When I am "away" from chemo I try to make things like this so that they are ready to go, if I need them. I have debated about making some bread, too. But I am running out of time and steam, and still have some really pressing things that need to get done.

I have wanted to have a free cleaning service for those dealing with cancer to come, but it isn't something my friend feels all that comfortable about. To  be fair, he doesn't know all the details, but given his initial discomfort, I haven't pursued it.

It would really be helpful, though. It is really hard to do things, and often things don't get done - that really should get done.

I guess it is at least a good thing that I can get done what I do. And I am really appreciating the smell of the soup wafting through the house right now. Yum.

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