Monday, June 15, 2015

The more I think about it...

The more I think about something I wrote yesterday, the more amazed I am that I never really thought about it before. The more amazed I am that I do not remember ever hearing anyone saying anything like it.

It really seems so darn obvious to me now, I am fairly certain that we as human beings are incredibly adept at preserving the things we believe, and our judgments, by utilizing incredibly effective blind spots.

I imagine with some things it could be a good thing. But there would be times I would find the "good" part dubious.

What thing am I talking about? It is the realization that we will tell other people we have "no idea what you are going through" only to sit back and judge them as they deal with it.

How can we think that is Ok, unless we have a blind spot? If we have no idea what a person is dealing with, how in the world are we equipped in any way to judge a person in relation to something we have no clue about?

And yet? We do it ALL the time because we base our judgments on the things we THINK we know.

I have been thinking I want to write a blog post about the things we believe. It would seem there needs to be a level of agreement that is reinforced over time for us to come to some "absolute" conclusion.

If we weren't willing to agree, there might be chaos. As a matter of fact, those who do not agree do actually create a form of chaos - which likely furthers the "need" for more agreement. It is the mistaken belief/agreement that chaos is avoided by agreement.

We will fight to the death for our agreements. The death. At the same time, our agreements can bring about a form of death.

Many times we will not see how faulty or ineffective something is until we are immediately affected - or punished - or inconvenienced by it. But everyone around you will still not understand why you feel as you do, and will still feel as though you are still living within the same agreement parameters. And whether you are, or not, won't matter. They will treat you as though you are. You can't get away that easily.

Earlier today I was talking to a friend about what might be unfolding. It would be most unfortunate and inconvenient for him. I was upset about it only to get a "That's Life" comment. "That's how people are." I realize there are times that I am very much an idealist about things. I very much want people to actually THINK about what they are saying and doing and how they may be affecting others. And, even further, I want them to be more mindful of the potential repercussions and protective of those they impact.

I know it may sound "silly" and maybe even naive. But...why does it have to be that way? Why do we have to shrug our shoulders as we just pessimistically speak of the negativity of the world, and those in it? Why do we have to act as though it is inevitable and likely and that people are jealous assholes that just want everything and will do anything to get it.

Apparently if we don't believe that, and we don't occasionally compromise ourselves to that "standard," we are not living in the "real" world. I just have a really hard time buying that - even though I have been exposed to a great deal of crappiness and crappy behavior in my life.

Having not been in the "traditional" work world for many years now, I have been able to be somewhat removed from the crap - at least in one arena. Although, I still found myself messing with the mess that is human nature and what can be its pettiness. I suppose it is easier from outside of something to talk about it than when undesirably immersed in it. I really felt helpless in some of my crappiest jobs.

It feels like I might be getting off track. But I think what ties this all together is the idea that we often speak to things we probably have no ability to. I think we do things with others that we would never want done to us. I think we have the ability to be pretty crappy human beings.

But I also think - and have to hope and believe - that we can also be pretty amazing, too. Just not really sure how that happens. But I sure do wish I could have me some more of it, more often.


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