Friday, June 19, 2015

And so it begins...again

I had quite a day yesterday. Most everything went in a different way than planned. The "good" news? Apparently my heart is in in good shape. I had to have an Echocardiogram because of the newest chemo we are using. (In short, people call it an "Echo.")

At the moment, I am laying in bed. Hard to move. Want to, and will have to, but body isn't so thrilled about the prospect.

Last night I dreamt about someone who said nice things to me face. But someone they apparently did not know me was told negative things about me by them. Funny thing was that the person was trying to find "proof" to show in a Bible-like book. 

In a different dream, another person told me how she handled times after chemo. I am not sure how realistic it was, and I am not sure it was or "good" thing, as it seemed forced, and possibly taking energy that could be used other ways. I also wasn't sure why the person was telling me what they were.


I have been up and moving a bit. Feeling kinda crappy, but not as badly when I first woke up. I took an antihistmaine, as they are going to give me a shot for my white blood cells today. The pill is to prevent horrid bone pain that can result. I hate the pill, but I hate the pain much, much - much more.


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