Saturday, September 5, 2015

A little can mean a lot

I like the fact that I have a device that firs in the palm of my hand, and lets me not only talk to someone on the other side of the world, but see them as well. I like the fact that I can not only connect with those I know that way, but it also allows me to meet people I probably would not otherwise have an opportunity to.

I am amazed by what we are capable of.

Simultaneously, I find myself wondering what kind of world we would have if instead if stomping on the Native American way of life, we had embraced it.

The things we do in the name of "progress" mutilate the Body Earth. I am so sad when I see pictures of islands of trash in the ocean. It devastates me to think of the implications of nuclear power plant breakdowns. We say it is a "Green Power" which is supposed to be good, right? The problem is when it fails to the degree that it can - there is nothing less green. There are no words for the recent yellowing of a river. 

The list of travesties is far and wide and very long. 

I realize that there are likely compromises I do not know about that allow me the conveniences that I appreciate. If I knew everything, would I still want and appreciate it? 

I have heard about how animals are treated that we wind up eating, and even though I do not eat it every day, I still eat meat. I hear how chemicals affect my body in the products we use, and my use of them has declined dramatically.

I am not a big energy user. I don't drive much/often, and haven't for years. I am
all too happy to be in a darkened room with one dimmed light. I take quick showers (most of the time).

I know I add to the earth's problems just by being a consumer, and I know I could probably do better. What I don't know is what exactly that looks like. I guess it all depends on what seems important. 

I think I would trade a lot for the connections I have with those at a distance. In some ways they have become my Life Line.

I don't know what the answers are to some of the larger dilemmas, but I suspect a willingness to not have everything whenever we want it would be a help. I suspect we could do a lot better without it having as great of a negative/inconvenience impact as some would think it would have. Even one less room to heat would mean less energy was required.

I wish I had The Answers. Without them, most people just shrug when it comes to conversations like these. "It's just the way it is." "What difference will my seemingly small action make? Isn't it just a drop in the ocean?"

Just like I always tell people $1 donations DO matter, and can add up, I tend to think the same holds true of other things. If every person impacted their life in one small way each day, it could really make a difference.

What if each person put .10 aside each day? After a year it would be $36.50. And let's say that the population of Ames, Iowa did that. The population us approximately 62,000. After a year, that would be $2.2 million, plus. Could you imagine what they could collectively do with that kind of money, or value of available resource, or how they might use that money to help those who might be in need?

I imagine this is where the idea of taxes showed up. But that is a different discussion. My point is that a little can mean a lot more than most realize. As a result, they use it as an excuse not to take action, or make changes, or help others.

My point is, perhaps if people thought about it a bit more, maybe they'd at least stop making decisions based on inaccurate reasoning. I realize if someone doesn't want to make a change, it certainly seems to be a valid reason most would be in cahoots with. It is in a Safety Zone that is mostly untouchable since many people won't argue with an argument they use themselves.

But a little really can mean a lot.

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