Sunday, September 13, 2015

Field of Possibilities

There is a video with Greg Braden that I have referenced before. In it, Greg show a video of a woman dealing with a cancerous tumor. In the video, through an ultrasound image, you watch the tumor disappear - in 3 minutes.

I was watching that video, and YouTube brought up another one that I am really glad I watched. For one, Greg tells his audience what the Chinese words spoken mean: "already done" and "now." He speaks of how the practitioners do not deny cancer. Instead they accept it as a possibility, as there is a large field of possibilities, of which cancer is one. They accept it, and they also choose to create a different possibility in their acceptance that the woman is already healed "already done...now."

It meant a lot to me to hear this conversation, as it is one I can align with. Greg says they don't label the cancer as bad, or even tell it it has to go away. Instead they choose a different focus.

When I hear people try to tell me to deny cancer, it never really works for me. Neither does the push to "focus on the positive," as it often feels like it not only rings hollow, but it is just another way of trying to tell me to ignore cancer. Is that what they're doing? I don't really know, but it is how it feels it comes across, and how I often have taken it, and reacted accordingly.

I think in my least negatively emotional moments is my best chance to be in an "already done" space because it is less likely to feel like a denial of what is. At the same time, a negatively emotional moment could also be like a choice in the Field of Possibilities. Maybe the idea of acknowledging what "is so" and then choosing something else is the key. In that way, all bases are covered. I can acknowledge where I am, and also acknowledge that I choose a different possibility.

As you can tell, I am working this stuff out. A part of me still kind of takes issue with the idea that THIS is THE way. If you don't do it right, then you don't get it, and somehow that just doesn't feel right to me. But even if it is not THE way, maybe in the Field of Possibilities it is ONE way for healing and miracles to happen.

I just have to figure out how to get the feeling of "already done" in the midst of the pain I feel. Those two things are at odds with each other. Maybe it means taking something for the pain so it stops speaking as loudly as it does.

Although the other day I talked to the pain, and it talked back. Numbing the pain of something that feels it needs to be heard may not be the most ideal route to take. Can I be "already done" if there is stuff I need to deal with? How do I deal with that aspect of things? Maybe I can be "already done" with tumors and cancer, and find other routes to dealing with the things I need to deal with. If there is a Field of Possibilities, I do not see why that could not be one.

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