Monday, September 21, 2015

Eggs and Orange Juice

In the world of comfort foods, the combination of eggs and orange juice does something for me. I would almost include toast, but I rarely ever eat just plain white bread any more, toasted or not. Although just thinking of it is sounding better than I might have thought it would.

I am not sure why that is, exactly. Maybe because growing up more often than not I ate cereal, and eggs and toast were special occasion or for the weekend. 

Maybe I somehow felt special. I do not really know. It is just one of those things apparently.

So why am I talking about this at two in the morning? I just made myself an egg, and complemented it with orange juice.

I do not like eating at this time of night, but my stomach was not happy, and after what happened earlier, sleep has been a slightly scary proposition. I am fairly wide awake.

Probably not a great thing that I am laying in a dark room lit by a phone screen. Well. At least it complements the food that I just ate at a not great hour.

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