Monday, September 21, 2015

Chicken Fingers & Jesus

I was in tears earlier. This has not been a good day physically. I posted something on Facebook, took something for the pain, and went to sleep. 

When I woke up I was doing better. So much so, I made these Chicken Fingers. Energy-wise it took pretty much all I had, but I was grateful I had it. They turned out rather yummy actually. If I can get around to publishing an update for my recipes, I think I'll need to include the one for these. 

They were perfect with homemade Honey Mustard Dressing (so easy to make). And now I have some in the freezer for another couple of meals.

The way I felt earlier today makes it very hard to want to keep going. It felt, I felt, helpless.

When I get to a different place, it is amazing how different it can feel. Compared to before, it is a big difference.
I question how it is that things "work," but it seems like such a futile exercise.

We want to know how things work, so we can make them work, but I just don't know it works that way. I Googled, "how did Jesus heal?" and I did not get a straight forward answer. 

The fact is, though, if you believe in Jesus, you know he DID heal. You know he also overcame death. Does it really matter HOW it happened, or just that it did?

At the times I am suffering, I would love to know the how. I would love the suffering to stop. Pain is greedy for attention. In pain, there is nothing else. It can be blinding.

I could deal with discomfort a lot better than I can deal with pain. 

Whenever you are aware of me, please see me without tumors, without cancer, without pain. See me living - and enjoying - life. I realize the reality I share doesn't look like that at the moment, but I can - you can - always hope for a healing shift.

My newest thing? I keep telling myself, "My body is always healing itself." I figure this is a good thing to think, as it requires no particular state to start from. A healthy person can tell themselves the same words, and it "fits."

So, if you will, imagine my body always healing itself. 


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