Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Recurring Dream

I used to dream about a Great Aunt a lot. The dream was pretty much the same. It involved an elevator, and I think she was falling down the shaft.

I was just a young kid, and never quite knew what to make of this recurring dream. Just now, for the heck of it, I just looked up what a dream like that could mean. It spoke to a decline in an emotional or mental state.

That aunt had issues. I do not exactly know what they were by a label name. But the issues did affect how she mentally dealt with the world. 

I have often wondered if she was intuitive/empathic, and somehow was a "bit" too open. It was a "crazy" thought I had in my own, but one day saw an article in which someone else posed that kind of possibility for people who seemed to "lose" it.

Regardless of what got her "there," though, apparently there was a part of me that knew something wasn't right. I had that dream for years. 

Knowing this is kind of interesting now, but I can't help but wonder what the point of having it was. There was nothing I could do with it. There was nothing I could do about her. 

I suppose it could tell me now that I was intuitive at a young age. But...still...what does that mean to me in this moment? What does it mean to be thinking about this moment in time?

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